Kim McMillan and Her Embroidered Wallets At The Bedlam Farm Open House

“I think I’ve become a fabric hoarder” Kim confessed to me as we sat in her sewing studio,  in her 18th century farm house.  I looked at all the fabric spilling out of the open drawers of old dresser and could see why she might say that.  But an artist needs her materials if she’s going to do her work.

Maybe being an artist makes hoarding okay.

I don’t have to explain Kim’s work, she does that in the video.  I do want to say that I find each of Kim’s wallets a unique expression of her soul.  Her drawings are her own visual vocabulary, one that she’s organically been perfecting her whole life.  It’s just what she does.

And now she’s translating that language to create beautiful, functional art.

Kim will be selling her Embroidered Wallets at the Bedlam Farm Open House June 10th and 11th.  For more information about the Open House click here.





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