“Show Your Soul” Postcards For Sale, A Video

When we get past the fear and pain and anger, and get down to our  true selves, our soul, it’s not only good for us, but for the whole world.  When we show our soul to the world through our actions, I believe it can help change the world to make it  kinder and more loving.

And we do this one person at a time.  Each one of us, striving to show our own beautiful soul.

That’s just what I’m doing by putting my postcards and posters out into the world.  We all show our souls in different ways.  And this is one of the ways I’m doing it.

My Show Your Soul Postcards are 6 for $10 + $3 shipping.

You can buy them by using the paypal button below…

Or you can send a check to:

Full Moon Fiber Art
PO Box 205
Cambridge NY 12816

If you have any questions you can email me here at [email protected].

Show Your Soul Poster and Post Cards

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