Fate And Sheep (And One Sheep and Hen) Potholders, Sold Out

Fate and Sheep Potholders

I had enough fabric to make 9 Fate and Sheep Potholders. They are Sold Out  I’ve already sold four of them, so I have 5 still available.  I won’t be making anymore of these, since I’ve used up all the “Fate” fabric.

But I did have one of my stitched sheep left, so I took a piece of Hen fabric that Debbie Glessner (who will be selling her earrings and photos at the June Open House) sent me and made one Sheep and Hen Potholder.

I still have to actually make these into potholders.  I’m hoping to do that next week in between driving Jon around on the Book Tour.  But if not next week, then I’ll surely have them all done and ready to go in the mail by the week after.

All these potholders are $25 each + $5 shipping.  If you’d like one you can email me here at [email protected].  Just let me know if you’d need my address to send a check or if you’d like me to email you a paypal invoice.

Sheep and Hen Potholder Sold

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