Fate and Me,Digging Hostas


Minnie with some of the pansies I put in pots today.   Flo’s sleeping in the crate on the porch.

Although it was cool and overcast,  or maybe because it was, it was a good spring day to do some work the garden.

I raked the Hosta bed in the back of the house and filled in some of the holes where Fate has been digging throughout the winter.

Like Frieda before her, Fate loves to dig along the back of the house.  And I love to plant Hostas there.

It’s an ongoing battle.

But I remember what Jon has said many times about dogs.  That even thought it may not seem so, we really are smarter than they are.  So I should be able to figure out how to keep Fate from digging up my Hostas.

Once they’re full grown, she only bothers them by digging in between the plants.  So, last year,  I started moving big rocks from the old barn foundation to the spaces between the Hostas.

Today I got smart.  The Hosta’s are starting to come up.  So I dug  one of the big old Hosta’s from the Hosta patch we have growing in the middle of the lawn and  planted it right in  one of the hole’s that Fate dug.  The roots on the old Hosta are thick and deep, I don’t think even Fate can get through them.  Then I surrounded it with heavy rocks from the old barn foundation.

I know Fate is going to keep digging, but if I can get her to dig somewhere else, that’s good enough for me.  I’ll guess we’ll find out who’s smarter….

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