A Visit From Chloe


Treasure leading Chloe on a pony ride.  (I’m not sure who the boy is,  a friend or nephew I think)

“So”, Pam asked me, “did you get another horse yet?”  Pam was cutting up and packing the Thursday fish order at the Co-op.   I was working my monthly 3 and 3/4 hour shift.

I told Pam how I found a great home for Chloe.  Being a horse person and animal lover she completely got it. “Isn’t it wonderful when you can do that” she said.  Then told me about the cat she was adopting.

Later in the afternoon I was running the register  and Lucy piled her vegetables on the counter. Lucy considered adopting Chloe, she even came to the farm to ride her.

She asked about Chloe and I told her the same story I told Pam.  As Lucy walked out the back door Jessie walked in the front door.

Jessie is Treasure’s daughter.  The same Treasure we gave Chloe to.

Jessie pulled out her camera and showed me pictures of her and her boyfriend riding Chloe.  Jessie knows how to ride, but her boyfriend is new at it.  Jessie told me how Chloe is a sweetheart, how she loves to be brushed and hangs around Queenie, a horse they board.

It felt as if Chloe had come to visit me at the Co-op that day.  Through the people who were asking about her and by the stories  Jessie and I  told about her.

I haven’t seen Chloe in a few weeks, not since she and the other horses moved  to the summer pasture.  Maybe I’ll visit her this weekend, if she’s not too busy.   I’ll bring some treats and a brush.  I could go for a Chloe kiss.



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