House Of Hearts Potholders For Sale. Empowering Women Through Fair Trade

House of Hearts Potholders

I pulled them out of the box one by one then laid them on the floor in front of me.  I’ve never had so many potholders in my studio at one time.

Some of the patterns simple and bold, others, complicated and nuanced.

Looking at the potholders I was reminded of  my trip to Gee’s Bend, Alabama and the quilts I saw there.

The  bold colors and patterns  making a statement.

The thin slip of fabric on the edge of an otherwise basic pattern throwing it slightly off,  or the rougue color doing the same, making me wonder why it was there.  The kind of potholder that asks a question.

Some of the potholders are a little rumpled from their trip from India.  I’ll flatten them out with my iron, getting to know them a little better.

I tested a few random potholders yesterday.  I heated up a cookie sheet in the oven and pulled it out using the potholders.  I was able to hold it till it cooled without feeling the heat.   Soma was concerned about the thickness of the cotton batting inside the potholders because they flattened out so much after ironing.  But it’s obviously  the consistence of the cotton, not the thickness that makes it work.

Each potholder has a hand drawn tag, with a smiling face and Thank You! written on it.  All of it straight from the women who work as House of Hearts in West Bengal, India.   The women I taught to make potholders.

On Friday I’ll pick up the tags that I had made.  They explain what House of Hearts is and how it helps women by “raising the status of women through economic empowerment.”

This is a reality.  When women can make their own money in a village like the one where Soma lives, they have more power within the community, more control over their own lives and the lives of their children.

That’s what each one of these potholders is doing.

When I was in India, my friend Dahn Gandell put up the funds to place an order for 100 potholders.   I plan on placing many more orders with House of Hearts.  I want to  create a  Fair Trade market for the products made at House of Hearts through my blog.   And I will also be donating a percentage of the profits back to the women at House of Hearts.

I’m sold out of House of Hearts Potholders, but I just placed another order with Soma at House of Hearts for 100 more potholders.   So I’m still taking orders, it will just be a while, probably a month or two before I have more here.  Thanks everyone! 

So, I have 100 Potholders for sale. They are $15 each + $5 shipping for 1-2, $7 shipping for 3-5 and $12 shipping for 6 or more.  I take checks or you I can email you a paypal invoice.  If you’re interested in House of Hearts Potholders , or have any questions, you can email me here at [email protected]. Let me know how many you want and how you’d like to pay for them.

I’ll be in Connecticut tomorrow and Friday with Jon and his book tour, so if you send me an email tomorrow, I won’t see it until Friday afternoon.  But I’ll get back to you on Friday.

You can see and read more about House of Hearts here.

One of the House Of Hearts Potholders with the hand made “Thank you” tag.



Some of the women at House of Hearts making potholers.



8 thoughts on “House Of Hearts Potholders For Sale. Empowering Women Through Fair Trade

  1. Hi Maria, I’d like one of these potholders. Can you pick one out just right for me? Thanks and love, Cindy PS: check’s in the mail

  2. I want 4 potholders from India, Maria. I can pay by check and pick them up in person at the Cafe, Bookstore, next Open House whatever is easiest for you.

  3. These potholders cascading over your wooden floor look like a vibrant flower garden!! What an amazing work you are doing here, Maria. Annie

  4. Just wondering….will you have potholders for sale on the date of your upcoming Open House? Thanks ….they are beautiful…

    1. I don’t know if I’ll have potholders for the June open House Lois, I’d like to, but I think it will take longer for the women at House of Hearts to make and ship them. I’ll definitely have them for the October Open House.

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