Jon and Dog Talk at WAMC

Jon with Joe Donahue (and Red under the table) at WAMC today

Jon used to do a radio show on WAMC out of Albany called Dog Talk.  People would call in and ask questions about animals.  I used to listen to it when I first knew him and was always so impressed with the way he handled all the calls, some of them really strange.  He was never nasty or condescending and always tried to be helpful, but was honest too.

Today, as part of the book tour,  Jon  went back to WAMC and he and the host,  Joe Donahue,  did a Dog Talk show.

I was impressed by the callers, their questions and ideas.  There was a good discussion about Animal Rescue and Farmers rights.  And listening, I remembered how good Jon is at it.  He’s able to field the questions and speak to them, even when he and the caller disagree, without any hostility.  He’s a natural. He also open-minded enough to really listen to people and get new ideas and change his mind.  Not something that’s often heard in the media anymore.  And I feel like Jon had lots of ideas about animals that need to be heard.  And that this is a good format for doing that.

Also, Jon has a lovely radio voice.

So he may be doing more Dog Talk radio shows.  He and Joe are trying to work it out.   I hope they do, I think it would be good for everyone.

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