Jon’s Book Tour Goes To Connecticut

Shadow Me and Fate

We’re leaving for Connecticut in just a few minutes.  Tonight Jon will be speaking at the Annual Connecticut Library Association Conference at the Mystic Marriott at 4pm.  Then we have to get back to the hotel by 6pm for an interview with Wisconsin Public Radio.

We’ll have dinner with Gail, a long time quilter and now friend, who came to Bedlam Farm last year when I taught her how to make potholders in the intuitive way that I do.  She’s made over thirty of them since then.

We’ll be back Friday afternoon.

We’re taking Red with us and leaving our friend Treasure in charge of the farm.  She’ll be able to reconnect with the Romney’s, Rosemary (aka Tilly), Izzy, Biddy and Girselle.  They all lived with Treasure for a while before they came to us.  And now Chloe lives with Treasure.

There’s a certain balance to it all.


7 thoughts on “Jon’s Book Tour Goes To Connecticut

  1. Maria………good luck on the book tour……Its great that you accompany Jon on his journey. Saturday you will be at my hometown library.Chatham! I was there for the first time you and Jon came and that is where you and I actually met. So sorry to miss you this time……. am working……….but will be thinking of you both there in front of a large crowd, just like last time!
    best, donna

    1. I do remember meeting you there Donna. It’s always a pleasure to see you. Sorry to miss you this time, but I’m sure we’ll meet again!

  2. I absolutely love this picture… Please let me know if it is ok if I can print it out just for my own use.. it is so powerful… thanks.. Rebecca

  3. Fate’s laying position is in the shape of a heart right at your heart chakra! No coincidences.

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