House Of Heart’s Potholders Sold Out, And More On The Way…

The House Of Hearts tags that will go on each potholder (designed by Sara Kelly).  Along with the “Thank you” tags the women at House of Hearts made.

Yesterday I placed another order for 100 more potholders with Soma at House of Hearts.

I still haven’t finished answering all the orders for them, but  I know there are more orders than potholders.

I’m beginning to see that this can work.

Although it’s often prohibited for women in villages like the one Soma lives in to earn their own money, when they do it raises their status within their village as well as within their family.  Then they have more control over their own lives.

So my being able to sell the potholders they create, can have a direct influence on these individual women and their families.    And maybe, over time, help to  permanently change the status of  all women.

It’s a slow process, one that probably won’t  materialize in my lifetime,  but one worth pursuing.   And I’m thrilled at the idea of my being a part of it.

So thank you everyone who ordered a potholder for helping to make this all possible.  Because you’re an important part of the process too.   It wouldn’t work without you.

We American’s are good at buying things.  So why not do what we’re good in a way that benefits others too.

And for everyone who ordered a potholder and didn’t get one, don’t worry, there’s more on the way.


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