Red, Back Where He Belongs


Red in his usual spot behind Jon’s chair in his study.

Red is back where he belongs.  With Jon.

He spent the day at Cambridge Valley Vets, with a fever and getting fluids.  We’re still not sure what’s wrong with Red.   But tonight he ate some food for the first time in a couple of days, so that’s good.

This came on suddenly, and all we really know is that something is off with his liver.  Dr Fariello took blood tests today and if Red’s not better by tomorrow he’ll have an ultra sound on Wednesday.

Hopefully that will give us some answers.

Jon wrote about it all on his blog throughout the day.  I know, for Jon, it always helps him deal with things  when he can write about them.   For me, it often takes me some time  to  gather myself and my thoughts when something like this is going on.

It’s been an emotionally draining day, but things are looking better for Red tonight than they were this morning.  And it does my heart good to see him and Jon together again.




2 thoughts on “Red, Back Where He Belongs

  1. been thinking of red thru out the day. glad red is home with loved ones tonight.. sending many hugs to you all.

  2. So sad for Red but happy that things look hopeful. I pray that in the morning he will be much better and that his liver is ok. A friend of mine just lost her Sheltie Sunday. She suddenly became very ill and was in the ER hospital for several days. She had pyometra and needed surgery. She came home Sat. night showing a tiny bit of improvement, but Sunday back at the ER. She died there, probably from sepsis. It is sure hard to see them going down. I pray for Red and especially for you and Jon, that things will be lots better for all of you Tuesday.

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