Red and Shipping Potholders

My Shipping Station, in my office/bedroom

You can’t see the crib and highchair, they’re on the other side of the bed.  I’ll make the room nice and cozy for Jon’s daughter and grand-daughter, Emma and Robin, when they come to visit in a few weeks, but right now it my shipping headquarters.

There’s lots of potholders going out in the mail this afternoon and there’ll be more going out tomorrow.  So far I have four boxes and about 10 envelopes filled,  that’s about half the orders.

I did take a break this morning when we brought Red back to the Vet.  He still had a fever, but Dr Fariello did some acupuncture on him and gave him some antibiotics and anti nausea meds and told us to try to feed him later in the afternoon.

I paced the kitchen as Jon cooked up some hamburger, rice and chicken broth.  Then we held our breath and tried to make it look like we didn’t care if Red ate or not.  We didn’t want to make him nervous.  It was a little slow going at first, but then Red gobbled down the food.  Jon made him a  little more and he ate that too.

Our relief was palpable.   I applauded Red and Jon and I hugged each other.  We still don’t know exactly whats going on with Red, but this the first time he ate with this kind of appetite in days.

Yesterday, I tried to imagine Bedlam Farm without Red and I just couldn’t.  We need you Red, I said out loud to him,  the farm needs you, Jon needs you and I need you.  You can’t leave us yet.

I never really thought of it much before, but Red is a stabilizing force on the farm.  He’s so dependable and reliable.  He’s always Red, always there, always the same (quirky as he can be).

This morning Jon wrote about how he doesn’t feel like it’s time for Red to leave us yet, and although we still don’t know what’s wrong with him, we’re both more hopeful.

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