Red, Doing Better

Jon and Red and Fate Herding the Sheep

I love this picture of Jon and Red, it says so much about their relationship.

It seems Red has a type of Lyme disease.  That’s the conclusion after many tests including an ultrasound today.

This is really good news because we were thinking it was that or Cancer.   Red’s still not feeling great, but now he’s on antibiotics so the healing can begin.

Jon has been writing about it beautifully on his blog.  Writing is his way of dealing, while I have thrown myself in the obsessive work of shipping 100 House of Hearts potholders.  That kept me focused in between visits to the  Vet.

When Jon said yesterday he felt that Red would eventually be fine, I believed him and started to relax a little, holding  space inside of me for the reality that it might not be true. But I didn’t go to that space, and now there’s no reason too.

Red can move the sheep just by looking at them.  All he has to do is walk out into the pasture and they respond to him.  So I took him out this morning to help me get the sheep back to the barnyard.  And he did.  Red may still have a fever and not be feeling great, but he can still get the sheep to do what he wants them to do.


7 thoughts on “Red, Doing Better

  1. Oh, what great news! Red is in so many hearts, I’m so glad his work here is not yet done. Sleep well Maria!

  2. I hate that Red is sick. He is a noble dog and needs to retain his dignity. Please give him some ear rubs and hugs from me and everyone else who reads the blogs. We love him thru your and Jon’s words. I am glad it isn’t cancer but Lyme can be a horrible disease. We will pray for him.

  3. Hi Maria, I know this might sound a little out there even for you, but I’ve been following Jean for years and she is an amazing animal communicator among other things – please check out her website – I have a feeling she could really help Red – good luck! Katy

  4. I’m happy to hear that Red is on the mend and I hope he is feeling better soon. That is a fabulous photo.

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