Wendy, From The Post Office, Saves A Baby Porcupine

Wendy with the picture of the baby porcupine she saved.

“Don’t tell me there’s an animal on the road that needs help and not expect me to do something about it,”Wendy said.

Wendy was stamping the last of my envelopes filled with potholders.  Paula and Melissa were in line behind me.  None of us in too much of a hurry to hear Wendy’s story.

One of the mail carriers came into the Post Office and told Wendy he passed a porcupine that had been hit by a car and killed on Chestnut Hill Road.  The worst part was, the porcupine had just given birth and her baby was  in the road too, the umbilical cord still attached.

That’s when Wendy told her supervisor she was taking her break.

She drove out to Chestnut Hill Road and found the porcupine.  The baby was still next to it, trailing the umbilical cord.  It’s a bit of a miracle it was still alive.

So Wendy picked  up the baby porcupine and brought it to the local Vet.  They gave her the name of a Wildlife Rescue group and she brought the porcupine back to the post office.   It was in good company, surrounded by a few boxes of chirping chicks waiting for their people to pick them up.

It didn’t take long for someone from Wildlife Rescue to come.  They said there was a good chance the baby porcupine would survive.

I knew Wendy would have a picture of the baby on her phone.  Paula, Melissa and I leaned over the counter oohing and aahing  when she showed it to us.  Needless to say, it was pretty cute.  Wendy said it already had some small quills in its soft hair.

This is just the kind of thing that makes  me love going  to the Post Office and doing my shipping.







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  1. I love this story – and any others of compassionate people stepping up to help animals in need. Thank you Maria.

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