A Drawing Of Red

I knew I wanted to do a drawing of Red when I got into my studio today.    For me, making a drawing of something is another way of getting to know it.  I have to pay attention to the important details that makes that being or object uniquely what it is.  Red has long legs, a thick neck and chest, and a fox’s tail.   I have no idea what else I’ll do with this if anything.  I just had to do it.

Then I took a Polaroid of the drawing and put it on the shelf above my altar.  The Polaroid makes me see the drawing  in a new way.  It becomes an object,  a fetish.  Now it exists in three different forms.  The original, the Polaroid and as a part of this photo.

4 thoughts on “A Drawing Of Red

  1. Looks just like him, the cutie – when I posted the other day about “way out there – Jean Rockefeller”, I think it came out wrong – but I think Red is a Watcher, not just a dog and I’m really glad to hear he’s doing ok. But then I am pretty out there already myself so don’t mind me! 😉

  2. That had to come out of your heart right then. It is a beautiful project. I am glad he is with all your trinkets. Remember Papa Gipetto’s (sp?) trinkets and toys and how they’d all come alive at night? My idea is to do nothing right now. Keep Red in his spot!

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