Getting Ready For The Bedlam Farm Open House

It’s not often you’ll see Jon with a hammer in his hand, but he has the strength and height to drive the metal posts into the ground that I don’t.  This is one time that I know of, that Jon’s better with a hammer than I am.

We started putting up the Bedlam Farm Open House sign last June.  Instead of getting a new sign for each Open House, I’ve been changing the dates by stitching a piece of muslin, with the new dates on it, over the old dates.

We get plenty of people coming to the Open House’s from all over the country, but we put up the sign to let local people driving by know about it in hopes that they’ll come too.   The past couple of years the Open House has been on the same day as High School Graduation, and people are busy with parties all weekend.  So this year we made it a couple of weeks earlier.

Soon I’ll be getting in touch with the artists in my show and emptying out my studio to transform it into my gallery.  This weekend we’ll visit Ed Gulley at Bejosh Farm and see some of his new work for the Open House.  There are rumors of a new goose sculpture flying around.

Also Dot at The Laughing Rabbit  said she still has two  rooms  available if anyone is looking to stay overnight.    I know a couple of people who stay with Dot every June and always have wonderful things to say about her and the Inn.  You can visit The Laughing Rabbit here.

There’s more information about the Bedlam Farm Open House, which is Saturday and Sunday June 10th and 11th, here.

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