Power Out

Friday 7:30 am.  Our Power is out since last night.  Not sure when it will be back on again.  We filled some buckets with water from the Stream so we can at least flush the toilet.  The donkeys were intrigued.

We had big storms here last night and we lost power around 7pm.  Most of the day we didn’t know when it would be back on.

Jon and I couldn’t do our work as usual.  If we had to lose power, it was the perfect day to do it.  It was warm and sunny.  Jon and I spent most of the day outside doing things we didn’t need electricity to do.  We mowed the lawn and skirted wool.

Even though I couldn’t get online with our computers, I could get on Instagram and  fb with my phone.

So throughout the day I posted some pictures and wrote a little bit about them.  Now that the power is back, I’m going to put up the photos and words here on my blog that I posted on instagram and fb.

Friday 9:30 am Since the power is out it’s a good day for skirting wool.  This is Liam’s wool I’m working on now.

Friday 4:30 am  The Power is still out.  Won’t be back on till tomorrow afternoon.  We opened up the back pasture so the animals can drink from the Stream.  Minnie is unaffected by it all.

Friday 7pm  The power came back on a little while ago.  Much earlier than we thought it would.  Now I’m going to have that cup of tea that’s been waiting for me since last night.

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