Elephant Eyes And Goddess Eyes

Elephant Eyes

Today was a day of making eyes.  Elephant eyes, Goddess eyes, bird and snake eyes.

I had been putting it off because it’s a pain in the butt to get the whole wall hanging under my sewing machine.  But those eyes called to me.  They wanted to be done.

The pupils are marker and the iris’ are stitched.

Goddess eyes
Bird eye
Sewing the eyes on my goddess

2 thoughts on “Elephant Eyes And Goddess Eyes

  1. Maria, the eyes are absolutely magnificent…perfect. I love what you’ve done to shape the irises…is there a word such as that. How compelling they are. Bravo.

    I have a mess in my studio staring at me too…I feel guilty everytime I walk in here. Projects that need attending to before I start on my next big quilt project which I will not allow myself to start until this mess is attended to…otherwise, I can’t operate in it. I need a clean slate to begin again.

    SandyP in S.Ont., Can.

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