Another Dog?

Leroy, the Boston Terrier puppy.  Photo by Jon Katz

When Jon first talked about maybe getting another dog, I wrinkled my nose at the idea.  “We don’t need another dog,” was my fist reaction.  Then when he said he was thinking of a small dog I was even more against the idea.

I have nothing against small dogs.  I’ve known some really nice small dogs.  I’ve just never had one and have never really been interested in having one.  I kinda felt like if I’m going to have small dog I might as well have a cat.

Jon had a few ideas for what kind of dog he was thinking of.  But in I didn’t want any that have genetic problems, like not being able to breathe well, or being prone to having their eyes pop out, or not being able to naturally breed.

When he mentioned a Boston Terrier, I thought of the time when a friend brought her new Boston Terrier puppy to my house when I had Frieda.  We were outside and that puppy chased Frieda, my Shepherd Rottweiler mix, around and around the house.  I don’t know if Frieda was afraid of her, or just having fun.  What ever was going on, that Boston Terrier impressed me.

What’s going to happen in the winter, I said to Jon, when we have three dogs and two cats in the house? Don’t you think that’s too many animals?  And where will another dog spend her day?  And a puppy, although really cute, is a lot of work.  I’m not sure I want to go through that again.

Talk of another dog went on for a while, then it stopped.  It seemed to go nowhere.

Until today.

I came into the house this morning after getting a massage, feeling all gentle and open, and Jon had this picture of a Boston Terrier puppy on his computer.

It looked like a baby rabbit to me.  And in my book a baby rabbit is right up there with baby goat.  Not  much  else is cuter.

“His name is Leroy,” Jon said.  “I just saw him at the Vet and he’s available.”

Sometimes you just know when something is right.  You can just feel it.  All my arguments about getting another dog flew out the window.  All I was left with was this image of this Boston Terrier puppy that already seemed to belong to us.

I felt the same way as I did  the moment I first saw a photo of Fate.

Jon and I are still talking about it.  He’s very thoughtful when it comes to getting any animal.  So he’s been researching the breed and we’ve been talking about the pros and cons of another dog.  And there really are a lot of both.

Tomorrow I’ll get to see Leroy in person.  For someone who never wanted a small dog, I’m pretty smitten already.

5 thoughts on “Another Dog?

  1. Maria, Boston’s are great dogs! They don’t know they are little. Leroy will steal your heart tomorrow!

  2. Hi Maria, Back in the day my friend who bred Rotties for 25yrs. decided she wanted a smaller breed. She bought a Boston Terrier female and named her “Betty Davis”. She was a sturdy,tough and low maintenance dog. She ran circles around the Rotts and developed into a fine show dog.She was a fearless watchdog along with the Rotts. But she was a terrier never the less and had the terrier traits that aren’t so excellent. I can’t wait to see what happens!

  3. All puppies are cute, of course. And they will grow up to be dogs. Bostons and all the flat faced breeds are known to have breathing problems as well as eye problems. Maybe there are some well bred ones that don’t and I hope this pup is one of those if he comes to live with you. A Boston just doesn’t seem to be a farm dog type. It would be interesting to see how Border Collies and the farm cats will get along with him. It might just all work out fine, who knows? If Jon has wanted one for a long time, maybe he should get it. It will be different, that’s for sure! A new puppy always changes one’s life! Good luck, whatever happens!

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