Robin’s Visit

Robin and Fate are becoming friends.  As long as there’s not too much licking on Fate’s part.  Jon’s great with Robin.  He’s also really good at getting Fate used to Robin without  Fate jumping.  (Fate is very excited by Robin)  Jon has a feel for just how much space to give Fate and when to tell her to back down.

We had fun keeping Robin busy this morning  while Emma slept.  I wear my long shiny earring when I visit with Robin and that seems to have endeared me to her.  We had breakfast together,  did some dancing and reading and just plain hanging out.

3 thoughts on “Robin’s Visit

  1. I am just smiling here! So glad Emma is asleep – I remember being so exhausted – and Robin just fits right in. Hope y’all have a dry weekend and if it must rain, that the severe stuff goes off to sea!

  2. You, Jon, Robyn and Emma are some of the luckiest people I have read about. I love reading about your growing relationships, how they shift, change and bloom. Fate sounds like a great babysitter as well. Thank you for the smiles.

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