A Very Busy Weekend

Jon strolling down Main Street with Robin this morning

This was such a full weekend, with Emma and Robin’s visit, the RIISE kids coming to visit and the idea of getting a new dog.

I don’t have anymore pictures of the puppy, but we did get to visit him on Saturday.  If all goes well we’ll be taking him home in about a month.

This afternoon, after driving Emma and Robin to the train station I had the urge to get my hands in the earth.  So I planted the dahlia garden and my Three Sister’s Garden.

I want to write about all of this, so many emotions and new experiences, but right now, I’m just too exhausted.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures this weekend, but I have a few that I”ll share now, to help illustrate the days.

We spent time at Bedlam farm on Saturday with the kids from RIISE (The refugee Center In Albany), then went to Pompanuck Farm where Scott and Lisa made pizza for us for lunch.  After that we visited Ed and Carol Gulley at Bejosh Farm.  The day ended with Jon and Carol dishing out ice cream for everyone.

On Friday I got into my studio for a while.  I got in touch with the artist’s in the Bedlam Farm Open House and set dates for them to deliver their work.  (The Open House is just two weeks away!).  And I got to work on my wall hanging.

Putting in the moon made the piece feel complete to me.  Now I just have to sew it and few other pieces on and put a backing on the piece.  Then it will be done.

Jon helped me turn the soil and pull the weeds that grew in my Three Sister’s Garden this spring.  I have three Sunflowers that are growing from last years plants, so I left them where they seeded themselves.  Then I planted corn, lima beans and two kinds of squash.   I also put cucumbers and a few morning glory seeds along the fence.  Jon watered it and I threw down some straw to keep the weeds down.


2 thoughts on “A Very Busy Weekend

  1. Dear Maria, I LOVE YOUR THREE SISTERS GARDEN!! I just love gardens and gardening in general, but yours has such special meaning and purpose. Just like all the good work you and Jon are doing for these amazing kids who have been uprooted and thrown back down in a foreign land thru no choice or fault of their own. I am so inspired by the care and generosity the two of you show to people around the world and right in your own community as well. Annie

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