The Round House Cafe, Open Again


Lisa Carrino, behind the counter at the new Round House Cafe.

The Round House Cafe opened today after months of  being closed to get the new cafe up and running.

They’re serving coffee and soup and cakes right now, the kitchen still isn’t done.  But it was so wonderful to go there this morning and see the new cafe in its new space.

The Round House is now working out of the ground floor of Hubbard Hall, the old Opera House that still has plays, Opera and workshops.  When Hubbard Hall first opened in the late 1800’s  the space the Cafe is now in was a General Store.

Lisa (who owns the cafe with her husband Scott) has filled the shelves with all kinds of fair trade goods and food related items made in the USA.

As Jon and I sat at one of the small tables, drinking tea and eating scones, I could feel the energy of the space shift.  As if  the space was coming back to life again and was being used as it was originally intended.

I could feel the excitement, the energy of the old general store mixing with  Lisa and Scott’s dedication and hard work.  Mixing with the people who helped make the cafe a reality with their donations and good will.  Mixing with each one of us, so happy to be sitting once again in our, home away from home, cafe.

Jon at the cafe this morning

4 thoughts on “The Round House Cafe, Open Again

  1. Jon is very dapper in this picture! I like it very much: his clothes and hat, the feeling that the space projects. In Sacramento long ago there was a coffee house downtown called The Weatherstone. It was a unique, old space. I went there in the late 70’s, early 80’s. It had mismatched tables and chairs, chess and checkers, an eclectic gaggle of books that belonged to the owner (a man closing in on 50 who whose voice box had been removed due to cancer). It was a peaceful space. The floor was worn as were the walls, but it Was. Later the space was bought by a more upscale coffee company and remodeled. It’s still great, but those sleepyish days were good.

    1. Sounds like a wonderful place Bex. I can just picture it, and I knew of such a place too during that same time period on Long Island. The Round House is like that with a wonderful sense of community.

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