Visiting Leroy, Our Boston Terrier Puppy

That’s Leroy getting ready to climb over Jon’s boot.

I walked in the door at Robin’s house and a little black and white puppy ran towards me.   “That’s Leroy,” Robin said, “you can tell by the white stripe on the top of his head.”

I scooped him up.

When we visited Leroy last Friday, he wasn’t even walking yet.  This morning he and his two sisters were running around Robin’s sitting room.

We’ll bring Leroy home in a month or so, when he’s 8 weeks old.  Until then we plan on visiting him every week or so.   Robin, is very generous about us visiting.  Today we watched as Leroy’s mother, Hannah, played with the family’s black and white cat.

For someone who never wanted a small dog, I’ve already fallen for Hannah.

She’s really good with her puppies and  the other animals and people in the house.  She friendly and has a great amount of joyous energy.   If Leroy is anything like her, we’re going to all be very happy.


Jon and Leroy
Leroy nursing while his mother Hannah licks his sister’s face.

3 thoughts on “Visiting Leroy, Our Boston Terrier Puppy

  1. That is so sweet! What a loving and dynamic photo. My grandmother had Boston Terriers and I always loved them. Very sweet dogs. Exciting times

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