My School House Gallery, Getting Ready For The Open House


What my Studio/Gallery looked like when I left it this evening.

It has begun.  This morning I emptied out my studio of everything that I won’t be using in it for my Gallery.

I have work from three of the artists.  Kim, Carol and Kathleen.  I couldn’t help taking some of  it out of it’s packing and start to place it.  I know I’ll rearrange most of it when I get all the other artist’s work in.

I decided to hang my latest wall hanging , “Gorges Unexplored” in the show, even though it’s sold.  Carol Conklin convinced me that it would be good to let people see it in person.  It’s takes up one whole wall, but I like the idea of having in in my Gallery and being seen.  I imagine it’s different than seeing it online.

I reworked an earring display rack I got last year when the Pharmacy in town close down, so I’ll be able to use it to show Debbie Glessner’s earrings.

Tomorrow Rachel and Cheryl will drop off their work.  And Ed  is going to make a few trips during the week till all his work is here.

It’s not supposed to rain, but it’s been such a wet spring, I’m making sacrifices to the sun (just in case)  hoping he’ll show up for the weekend.

For more information on the Bedlam Farm Open House, click here.

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