Cheryl Gutmaker Drops Off Her Glass Art For The Bedlam Farm Open House

Cheryl with her Dragonfly Glass Plate

Cheryl told me she would drop off her work this afternoon.  At 3pm I got an email from her.  She got caught up in her work and just realized how late it way.  She’s was leaving now.

For me, that’s the best excuse someone can have for no being somewhere.   I love that she was so into what she was doing that she lost track of time.

Carol got to the farm just as Ed and Carol Gulley were leaving.

We carried her plastic tubs of glass through the pouring rain into my warm and dry gallery.

Seeing all of Cheryl’s work makes me wish I had a bigger space to show it all.

Most of her work will go on the shelf by the window.  Where the sun (if it decides to come out again) will help make it shine.


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