Sara Kelly Brings Her Paintings To The Bedlam Farm Open House

Sara Kelly

Sara came by this morning to drop off her work for the Open House.  The piece she is holding  called “Bounty” is a limited edition print.  It’s different from her water colors, she drew it on her computer.

Sara created the posters we made for the Open House.   She’s the person everyone in town goes to when they’re looking for a graphic artist.

But  that’s her job, her work is her painting.  Her house is filled with her murals.  Her paintings, though based in reality, push their way into the world that is Sara’s own making.

I’ll have some of her original watercolors and a basket full  of prints in my gallery.

“The Coming of Spring” by Sara Kelly



4 thoughts on “Sara Kelly Brings Her Paintings To The Bedlam Farm Open House

  1. Hi Maria, are there a print available of “the coming of spring?” that you could hold for me since I’m too far to come to the show? It really speaks to me (I have stray cats I take care of and these cats remind me of them). And tell Sara I LOVE her work? Thank you!

    1. Yes, Katy, I do have a print of “The Coming of Spring” I’ll email you about it and will let Sara know you love her work. (That’s something I love to pass on!

    1. I will put one aside for you Jen. It’s $25 + $8 shipping. If you can email me about it that would be helpful, otherwise I’ll get in touch with you after the Open House. Thanks!

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