“Gorges Unexplored” At The Open House

Mandy looking at “Gorges Unexplored” which is now hers.

My friend Mandy rode to the Open House today on her bike.  I was so glad I got to see the look on her face the first time she saw  my wall hanging “Gorges Unexplored” in person.  Mandy told me she wanted it as soon as she saw a picture of the elephant when I first made it.

It’s a little tricky when someone likes something I’m still working on.  By the time I get done with it, it may no longer speak to them.  But it was just the opposite with Mandy and “Gorges Unexplored“.   The more I did, the more it seemed it was made for her, from the crows to the snake to the tree to the goddesses.

I still smile, when I think of her smile, when she was looking at it.

I’m so glad Carol Conklin convinced me to hang the piece in my gallery.  Many people were surprised at  how  different it looks in person.  Mostly they didn’t anticipate the texture and detail.    I’m too close to it, I know too well what it really looks like, to be able to see the difference.

Soon it will be hanging in Mandy’s home.  One of the nice things about selling art to friends, is that I’ll always get to see it.

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