Jon, Ed and Tin Man

Ed Gulley, Tin Man and Jon Photo by Debbie Glessner  Tin Man by Ed Gulley

There were many negotiations between Jon and Ed over the Tin Man.

I stayed out of it as Jon and Ed haggled over a deal. I’m still not sure what it is, something about monthly payments, dinner and Ed getting to have Tin Man whenever he wants.

But for now it looks like the Tin Man is staying at Bedlam Farm.  And aren’t we lucky to have him.

Lots of people wanted to get a picture with him.  And the kids from RISSE was truly intrigued.  Some shook his hand and others were more interested in his ax.

I know just how they felt.

I’m glad to have the Tin Man at the farm.  Although I think Ed will miss him.  It seems they have quite the conversation going, even if it is sometimes one-sided.

The thing about the Tin Man is that even though he’s made of metal and is holding an ax he’s really very  lovable.  I know it’s because Ed made him, as he does all his art, with a lot of heart.

You can follow the story of the  Tin Man on Jon’s blog.



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