What Love Feels Like

I could just keep  staring  at Jon’s beautiful face . Seven years, Jon and I are married today. It seems like just yesterday and like we’ve known each other forever.

I love celebrating our anniversary, our love.  Jon and I won’t have a lifetime together like some people do, but it’s not about time anyway.  We loved each other long before we got married.  And I believe when one of us is no longer here on this earth, we’ll still go on loving each other.

Time, place, our bodies on this earth are all constructs of this place we inhabit.  It’s a good place to be, but I believe love transcends  all those human constructs.

On the other hand, earthly love is a divine thing.  In all its juicy physicality.  I craved it my whole life. Someone who understands me and knows me.  Someone I could really talk to and who listens to me.   Someone whose love for me I can feel in their touch.  Someone who loves to touch me.  Someone I love to touch.

I don’t know if I love Jon more now than I did seven years ago.  Thankfully our relationship is different than it was then.  How boring it would be if it stayed the same.  We keep changing so our love changes too.  It feels very full, well-rounded.  Like a bounty.

Not that we don’t have out differences and annoyances.  But I feel like I’ve learned better how to express my anger and frustration.  And even if it’s not always easy to do, I’ve found I trust our relationship.  That’s it’s okay to be angry sometimes, it’s just part of the relationship.

All this makes me wonder where we’ll be next year, or five years from now.   How our relationship can deepen even more.  What we’ll learn about it and each other.  What that love will feel like.



5 thoughts on “What Love Feels Like

  1. Happy Anniversary to you and Jon Maria. I love your description of the love the two of you share, it’s really beautiful.

  2. Happy (now belated!) Anniversary to you two. Lovin’ the love. And thank you for sharing your official anniversary lunch with my daughter, Abrah … she thoroughly enjoyed the Open House and you folks. Good people. The world is a better place with you in it.

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