Something New For The October Open House

My Studio this morning

“Why” I thought, “do I keep giving up my space.”  I never thought about making my studio into a gallery, for the Open House,  in that way.

I actually love to show and sell other artists work and my own out of my studio.  I love setting up the art and rearranging the furniture.  But I’ve come not to resent the time and work it takes me to empty my studio out and put all my things back in again.  It was just this week that I realized it had become a burden.   I missed being able to do my work, to have my space there when I want it,  when I need it.

Two weeks of not having my studio doesn’t sound like a long time to me, but it feels like a long time.

I spent last week working up the numbers from the Open House and shipping the online sales in between moving back into my studio.

I did something different this time.  I went through all my fabric, then put it back on different shelves.  I moved the fabric around, trying to shake things up a bit.

Because I’ve been feeling it’s time for a change.

Part of that change is that  Jon and I decided to do something different with the Open House too.  Yesterday we talked about having only one Open House in October next year and maybe doing a Pop-Up Gallery in the spring in one of the empty store fronts in Cambridge.

But today, as I was still moving furniture and organizing fabric, we started talking about having the Art Show part of this year’s October Open House in a Pop-Up Gallery in town, as well.

This way I don’t have to disrupt my studio space and can get back to work more easily and quicker.

We’re still working out the details, but have a few buildings in mind for the art show.  We’d connect it to the other businesses in town like Battenkill Books and  The Round House Cafe.  And  the farm would be open for a few hours each so people could still visit it and Jon could do sheep herding demos and poetry readings and shearing and donkey visits.

This feels good to me and Jon.  So we’re going to try it and see how it goes.

A gallery in town would be bigger so I could show more artists work and we’d be connecting to the community where we live and that is such a big part of our lives.  Another way of sharing what Bedlam Farm is really all about.

We’ll keep you updated along the way.  Because this is about you all, as much as it is us.

Change always has its ups and downs.  But I’m ready to try something different and see what comes of it.

My studio at the end of the day.   Tomorrow I’ll go in, set up my altar, bless the space and get to work.


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