“Gorges Unexplored” In Its New Home

Gorges Unexplored hanging over Mandy’s bed.  That’s a pillow I made for her years ago, on the elephant spread.

Thank you for your medicinal work” Mandy texted me with a picture of my wall hanging “Gorges Unexplored” that she bought from me.

Jon and I went to Mandy’s yesterday.  We brought Gus for a visit and I helped Mandy hang the wall hanging over her bed.

She wanted the wall hanging since she saw the elephant.  And as I worked on it, it seemed to become more and more hers.  I was unconsciously using images,  like the crows and snake and tree  that are important symbols to her.

Someone else had written to me asking about “Gorges Unexplored” and when I told Mandy she thought maybe it belonged to this other person.  From the beginning Mandy saw the wall hanging as a kind of “medicine” and wanted it to do its work where it belonged.

Being that Mandy’s a healer and that we’re good friends, I trusted the process.  So I offered it to the other woman, but it was bad timing for her to buy it.  When I told Mandy, she accepted the “medicine” of the piece as hers.

As the artist, it feels really good to see how much  “Gorges Unexplored”  means to Mandy, how much she loves having it in her home.  If I ever needed inspiration to continue working, this is just the kind of thing that would do it.

3 thoughts on ““Gorges Unexplored” In Its New Home

  1. That looks perfect right there, especially over the elephant bedspread. Lucky Mandy! Wonderful piece Maria, I just love elephants!

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