“The Fabric of my Healing Life”

After India

Elizabeth, like my friend Mandy, is a healer.  Except I’ve never met Elizabeth, we’ve gotten to know each other online, she lives on the West Coast.

Elizabeth does long distance energetic healing work.  So athough she has a healing space that she works out of, her clients never see it.

When she saw the first quilt I made after coming back from India she knew she had to have it.  Some of it was personal, her own connections to India.  Some of it was in the design of the quilt.  She immediately saw a “doorway” in it that resonated with her work.

Elizabeth sent me an email a few days ago telling me how she’s using the quilt in her work.  This is what she wrote:

Loving my quilt in my healing room. Because I’m only working remote, I get to work with it on my table so it is literally the fabric of my healing life.  I’ve always had this sense of a “door” in that quilt and I think it helps my clients open their own doors.
Since I do my healing work by phone, I place the person on my table energetically so their solar plexus chakra is on the golden door.  It has some magic juju!!

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