Lulu and Gus, Getting to Know Each Other (Monday Morning Video Part II)

After Lulu charged at Gus, this morning,  I held Gus so Lulu could sniff him.

Donkeys are guard animals and when there’s something new in their territory, they try to chase it away.   We introduced the donkeys to Gus when he first came.  They sniff him and get to know him that way.   He’s also come into the  pasture with us for the past two days and none of the animals showed any interest in him.

But this morning Lulu looked at him like she’s never seen him before.  So we’ll just keep at it, getting them used to each other.  Eventually they’ll figure it out.

On another note, I had an allergic reaction to pomegranate juice yesterday and along with bad stomach cramps for a few hours,  my eye swelled up making it look like I’ve been in a fight.  So if my face looks a little weird in this video, that’s why.

One thought on “Lulu and Gus, Getting to Know Each Other (Monday Morning Video Part II)

  1. I love watching puppies take in the everything around them — towards the end when Gus is just watching Lulu, trying to figure out where she fits in his world 🙂

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