Another Scepter….

Outside my studio, I’m tense and unsure.  Inside my studio, I’m dreamy and trusting.

This new scepter is flowing from me.  Everything I do, leads to the next thing to be done.
It’s not about thinking but doing. Allowing the imperfections to lead me to a place I won’t otherwise have gone.  Not so much a problem to solve, but an answer to question.


This is the scepter at the end of today.




2 thoughts on “Another Scepter….

  1. I’ve been so tired of late, but I do pop in to both yours and Jon’s blogs. I love Gus! That is so much fun to watch. I’m never too tired to watch a puppy explore.

    I’ll be retiring as of January 1, and I look forward to it more every day! Parts of it I will miss, but I am also excited to see what I can do on very little money and lots of time!

    But I really wanted to say that I think your scepters are fantastic. I must go back to see the back story about how they emerged, but I love them!

    Much love to you and Jon!

    1. Congrats on your retirement to come Susie. Maybe you’ll get the rest you need and get to find those things that you never had time before to do. Those things that money can’t buy. I’m enjoying exploring the scepters and seeing what comes of it all.

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