Gus and Fate Are Playing Together

Gus and Fate have just started playing in the past couple of days.

Gus always starts it by barking at Fate.  This is the only time we’ve heard him bark so far.  Fate is getting into it.  We don’t really want to encourage them playing in the house.  It will be chaos of they do that when Gus gets bigger.  Be we also want them to get to know each other in this was.

It’s been fun to watch and good to know that Fate is getting used to Gus.

She was mostly keeping away from him and stealing his toys.  She growled at him on the second day he was here, but Jon played bear, yelling in a very deep and loud voice to let her know that it wasn’t okay.  She hasn’t done that since.

Sometimes Gus tries to hide behind Red, who isn’t interested in playing at all.

5 thoughts on “Gus and Fate Are Playing Together

  1. I played your video to our 4-month old Welsh corgi and he barked! It was very funny to see. I’m enjoying your posts about Gus as we are going thru a similar experience.

  2. I am fearful of dogs who growl…however, Fate’s tail is always wagging in this video which leads me to believe that he really is warming up to Gus. I always look forward to the blogs you 2 post. Thank you!!

    1. I can understand that Barbara. But it’s true that the dogs posture gives more clues to what the dog means with her growls. Here Fate is playing, but she has growled at Gus to tell him to “get away”.

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