Leaf Plates and Pooper Scoopers

A  close up of a Leaf Plate made by the man in Bolpur, India

Some of the comments on facebook  about using a leaf as Gus’ Pooper Scooper reminded me of the leaf plates we ate off of in Bolpur, India.

A man in the village purchased a machine that creates, disposal plates out of leaves.  He started out small but now has a business where he employs other people in the village to make the Leaf Plates.

They’re completely biodegradable, work really well even with all those delicious Indian sauces, and are beautiful too.   He makes them for people to use at big events like wedding and parties.

Of course eating off a plate is very different from using it to clean up puppy poop, but it’s the same idea.  And who knows maybe it inspired me.

Stacks of Leaf Plates in the Bulpor.



5 thoughts on “Leaf Plates and Pooper Scoopers

  1. I had no idea that these naturally biodegradable plates were being made, Maria – an all around good idea. In the South of India, it is common to eat off of banana leaves, which are huge and waterproof (good for all those curries and lentils), and visually quite beautiful as the green sets off the curries so perfectly.

  2. There is a catalpa tree nearby that has really huge leaves near the bottom, (larger than dinner plate size) they are mostly in shade so they have grown oversize. Also young princess trees have oversized leaves…the possibilities…

    1. I love Catalpa trees, they have the most beautiful flowers in the spring and yes, those giant leaves. And what we used to call their big “string beans” when I was a kid.

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