Fate And Gus In My Studio

Fate and Gus are figuring it out.   And Gus is figuring my studio out too.

Gus has gotten into the habit of sleeping under Jon’s desk while he’s working in the morning.  When he wakes up he comes outside into the dog run.

I have my door open this time of year and Gus is figuring out he can come in when he’s outside.  He likes to spend time under the Hostas too.  They’re so big, it’s like a whole other world under there for him.

When Gus does comes in my studio he either stays on the rug by the door (when Fate isn’t there, it’s her favorite  spot) or he’s in the crate.  I can’t have him wandering around my studio, there’s too much trouble he can get into and I don’t want him bothering me when I’m working.

I’ve found that if my intentions are clear, and I’m direct  and consistent with him, he’s a learns quickly.



One thought on “Fate And Gus In My Studio

  1. It’s funny how many situations your last line “if my intentions are clear and I’m direct and consistent [the results are good]” can apply to.

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