Fanny and Lulu Enjoying Some Grape Leaves

Wild grapevines grow all over the land around us.  They do especially well when they get to climb up trees or on fences.  Fanny and Lulu discovered this vine growing on the pasture fence yesterday.  They looked like they were really enjoying them.

7 thoughts on “Fanny and Lulu Enjoying Some Grape Leaves

  1. What a wonderful life your donkeys have! I can’t imagine how it could be any better. You brush them, take care of their hooves, feed them well, you commune with them, and most importantly, they are able to graze. They feel your love and are at peace. I love the photos and videos. Thank you.

    1. Becky, sometimes I feel like it’s a kind of payback to donkeys for all the good work they’ve always done for us humans and all the poor ways they’ve often been treated.

  2. Our chickens love these too, so most mornings I find some within reach – they’re usually strangling some other plant – and pull some down to leave in their pen for the day – but they usually vanish in minutes!

    I always wonder if the pine trees and shrubs who were slowly being overtaken by the vines feel some relief, those things cling on with some force, wrapped round in so many places that the plants often bend with them as I’m trying to pull them free – then spring back up when that last grippy twisted vine part pulls free.

    1. I feel the same about the trees being free from the vines Hannah. I’ve never seen the chickens eat the leaves though, I’ll have to give them some and see if they like them.

  3. its so very touching the way the donkeys are always together. They have a dignity about them. And-they will do nothing unless they wish to do it. You have to admire that! I, too, love that you treat them so well because, god knows, donkeys have suffered at the cruel hands of humans

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