Liminal Space Quilt

Liminal Space

I put my quilt “Liminal Space” in the mail today.   There’s no question in my mind that I made it specifically for Renate, even though I didn’t know it when I was making it.  It’s been hers since the moment she left a comment on my blog about it saying it seemed a portal to her.

The liminal space is the time in between.  The threshold, or waiting space from one place to another.  Not a physical place, but a place of personal transition.  It’s a place of both unease and excitement.   When there’s no going back and what’s ahead is unknown.

When I was making the quilt I kept thinking that it had so many windows.

Renate wrote to me that…

“…it speaks to me of travel of the mind and searching, but as I mentioned, surrounded by such safety.

Renate said she’ll hang the quilt on her wall so she can gaze at it. I can understand that.  When it was hanging in my studio, it seemed to demand to be looked at.  It was hard for me not to stare.

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