Working on “Safe in the Woods”

I haven’t worked on my quilt Safe in the Woods because I was waiting for a new roll of batting to be delivered.

I got it yesterday.

So today I started  putting the quilt together.  I chose a gold and white stripped piece of fabric for the back.  It’s actually a sheet that someone recently sent me.

But I didn’t feel right about it.  It wasn’t that the color  didn’t worked with the quilt, it did, but still, it  didn’t feel right.

Earlier in the morning I went to one of the thrift stores in town to see if I might find something there.  When I didn’t I was resolved to the gold and white sheet.

Even as I ironed it, I was looking on my shelves to see if I missed something else I could use.  Then I started to pick up and put away the fabric that was on my floor.  It was a new batch that someone had recently sent me (the gold sheet was a part of it), it had belonged to her mother.  I  had looked at and washed all the fabric, but I wasn’t really familiar with it.  And as  I started to put it away, I found the right piece of fabric for the back of “Safe in the Woods”.

It wasn’t the deep green that I envisioned, but it had a richness  and warmth to it that worked.  And the fabric has a comforting weight to it.

I didn’t have quite enough, so I added the patterned piece of brown, which was exactly the right size.

Now I’ll start tacking it with a deep green wool.

“Safe in the Woods” is sold.

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