Apple Branch Sculpture, Pumpkin Surprise

My Apple Branch Sculpture has a pumpkin vine growing up it.

The vine is growing up my Apple Branch Sculpture, just as I imagined.  How often does that happen?

And the animals aren’t eating it.   No doubt because of the prickly leaves.  Pumpkin leaves.

I recognized them because last year  I got to know  them well  when I was making a drawing of my Three Sister’s Garden for one of my wall hangings.

Then I thought about the other vine that’s growing in the barn yard near the hay feeder.  On Friday, when I picked five zucchini from my garden,  I thought they were zucchini plants.  But after recognizing the pumpkin leaves on my sculpture, I wanted to take a closer look.

I didn’t need to know what kind of leaves they were to know it was a pumpkin plant.  There are already two big pumpkins growing, and lots more on the way.

Pumpkin growing by the hay feeder

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