7 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 7/24/17

  1. I have volunteer pumpkins I get every year in my compost pile. I few years back I got some pumpkins and fed them to my Pot-bellied pig Ralphie and every year since I get a few vines with pumpkins growing from seeds in his poop. I feed them back to him and the chickens (after using them for fall decorations) for a continuing supply of, as we call them, poopkins. I don’t have room in my veggie gardens so it works out perfectly.
    Enjoy your posts!

  2. I think Raplhie is cute, others don’t but that’s their problem. He’s an old curmudgeon like me that just grunts at everyone and likes to drink beer. No, I don’t get him drunk and he’s not a mini and he lives outside where pigs belong (since my Border Collies all want to kill him).
    Volunteers is what we have always called veggies that come up in the garden (or compost pile)from last year’s seeds.

    1. Ralphie sounds like a wonderful character. And now I’m thinking they may be watermelons, not pumpkins growing. I’ve never seen watermelon growing before. I’m learning and learning…..

  3. They do look more like melons. Same family as pumpkins, squash and cucumbers so the vines are very similar.

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