Polaroid. Jon and Robin

Jon’s daughter Emma, her husband Jay and their daughter Robin, came to visit us Friday night.   I got this Polaroid of Jon and Robin on Saturday morning.  Jon was trying to feed Robin some yogurt, which she wasn’t interested in.

I thought the scene worthy of a Polaroid.

I took five of them, but I liked this one the best.  I think because it best shows the interaction and energy between them.  I also liked my tea cup in the foreground suggesting the person taking the photo.

One of Jon’s photos from the Portrait Show he had at The Round House Cafe is in the background on a chair.  It’s of our friend Margaret and her granddaughter Eva.  I wanted to get it in the Polaroid and did in some of the other ones I took.  I liked the how the theme of grandparent played out in the photo of photos. I didn’t think to include it in the Polaroid until after I took this picture.

I wish I could have gotten it all, but I still think this is the better of the five Polaroids.

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