Working Potholders

Potholders drying in Lynn’s laundry room

Just washed my potholders as I’ve done many times. Every time I do I think how wonderful they come out and smooth back in shape and that I ought to thank you.

This was the email I got from Lynn.

I always encourage people to use my potholders, although often people hang them up and they never see the edge of a hot pot or pan.

But they are functional art.  About bringing beauty (and sometimes meaning, depending on the potholder)  to the everyday.

So thanks Lynn, for letting me know.  I love to see my potholders put to work and bringing some extra color to your laundry room for a little while as they dry.

2 thoughts on “Working Potholders

  1. I bet you would enjoy the short story “Everyday Use” about a family that is split regarding the use of quilts. It’s by the amazing Alice Walker

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