7 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 7/31/17

  1. Looks like Fate is getting into some serious sheep herding.
    I guess it takes a new puppy to help the baby to grow up.
    Bravo Fate
    Play on Gus
    Too cute. ♥️

  2. What a wonderful video. I could watch for an hour. Kodos to Fate for her concentration. Even though Fate’s definition of herding is to make large running circles around the herd. I just absolutely love watching it, and love thinking about how proud Fate is of her work. What a sweetie. And Gus is a little terror! It was my biggest laugh of the day. I have to go watch again!!!

  3. LOVING your art, videos, pics and blogs, Jon and Maria. Iv’e been catching up from early July.Glad to see Red seems to be ok.I hope he is recovering still from any tick borne illness symptoms. Im happy to hear little Robin has brightened your days recently too ! Gus is absolutely adorable. LOVE TO ALL AT BEDLAM FARM ♥

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