Fate and Gus Playing, a Video

I love to watch Fate and Gus plan, so I’m doing an experiment to see if other people do to.

I titled this video of Fate and Gus playing “Border Collie and Boston Terrier Puppy Playing” on YouTube to see if it gets more views with that title.

7 thoughts on “Fate and Gus Playing, a Video

  1. I watch it on your site and love it. Does Gus ever know when to stop?
    I’ve always had Shelties, 16 to 17 pounds or so. I always felt that little dogs seem so aggressive; they don’t realize that they are small. I’m glad Fate enjoys this. Like Red,she seems to have the patience of a saint.

    1. Gus stops sometimes and then fall asleep immediately. Sometime Fate makes him stop, although she get obsessed with playing too. And I think you’re right about little dogs.

  2. I SO ENJOY THIS VIDEO! and all the pics and videos of Fate and Gus! I especially love the JOY on Fate’s face, her happy mouth; and Gus’ BOLD and secure play with his much bigger friend. WOULD THAT PEOPLE ACCEPTED THE DIFFERENCES IN EACH OTHER AND ENJOYED EACH OTHER THE WAY THESE TWO VERY DIFFERENT DOGS!! Annie

  3. Maria, watching Gus & Fate wrestle makes me laugh. They wore themselves out and have grins on their faces. Thanks for the puppy & border collie video…Loved watching them. Bev

  4. Fate needed this puppy in her life as much as you and Jon did! Glad to see all the joy on your farm and I think Gus will eventually win over Flo and Lulu. Robin opened so many doors….babies do that!!

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