Working on my Feed Sack Quilt

I was tacking my latest quilt when Fate came into my studio for a break from playing with Gus (who’s now sleeping in a box of fabric on my floor).

Gus sleeping…

The back of “Feed Sack” quilt.



3 thoughts on “Working on my Feed Sack Quilt

  1. Maria – that quilt is really spectacular. I can’t put my finger on why it “speaks to me” – and I have never thought that about a quilt before – but wow, it’s really something! Just wanted to share that feeling with you.

    1. Thank you Kathy, I love to hear when a piece of my work speaks to someone. That’s so much of what it’s about for me, making that connection. Thanks for writing.

  2. Your work is always so interesting, Maria. I especially love the 3 dimensional effect of you center block, as it really encourages further exploration. As for the canine assistants, the cuteness factor is out of sight! So happy for you!

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