Feed Sack Quilt, Sold

When I designed the center of “Feed Sack Quilt” I was trying to start the process off by using a traditional quilt pattern called  Log Cabin.

My idea was to have a sense of symmetry then divert from that.  But I didn’t get far before diverting.  For me, knowing what the quilt will look like before it’s done is really boring.  Even if it’s just a small piece of the quilt.

I liked the way the colors and patterns on the fabric created the illusion of something three dimensional.  I wanted that to stand out.  That’s when I surrounded it with the feed sacks.

It was this part of the quilt that inspired my Little Window Potholders.

Having the words from the feed sacks gives the quilt the feeling of collage.  And there are subtleties in it too.  Some of the print is only visible from close up.  I backed one piece of sheer feed sack fabric with a floral design.  You can see a ghost of the fabric through the feed sack.

It took me a few weeks to figure out what to do next.   But one night as I was falling asleep I saw the red and white squares bordering the Feed Sacks.

The rest came over three or four more days.

Last Friday when I left my studio, the quilt looked very different.  I thought it was finished, but on Monday morning I cut much of it apart and changed it to what it looks like now.

I think it has a lot more depth and cohesion than my first version.

Feed Sack Quilt is for sale Sold. It’s 70″x 85″ and is $425 + $20 shipping.  If you’re interested in it  or have any questions, you can email me here at [email protected].

Here’s a couple of detail photos of the feed sacks…

2 thoughts on “Feed Sack Quilt, Sold

  1. Oh how I wish. This quilt is amazing. First, it holds my mother’s stories of using feedsacks during the Depression, and, oddly enough, I had a dress made by my mom from the round-edged squares fabric. I don’t think I wore store-bought clothes until high school! Oh! And my mother made me several Belly Dance costumes, as I took classes from my ballet teacher when I was a teenager.

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