Gus and The Morning Chores

It was just a few weeks ago that I could barely watch Gus roaming around the barnyard and pasture by himself.

I was afraid he’s get trampled by the donkeys or sheep, but Jon thought we had to trust him to learn how to take care of himself.  We kept a close eye on him, but “gave him the chance to succeed” as Jon likes to say.

And even thought I couldn’t watch, I knew Jon was right and trusted his instincts and experience.

Today Gus followed the donkeys and sheep out to the pasture and I hardly thought twice about it.  Gus seems to know what to do.  He keeps his distance when the animals are moving.  And when the sheep turned and looked like they might run, he came back to me.

Of course, accidents can always happen, but Gus seems to have figured out how to navigate the morning chores.

3 thoughts on “Gus and The Morning Chores

    1. Why Thank you Tony, That means a lot knowing you’re a film maker. I did have a feeling about this video. A sense of what the animals would do. And I got lucky.

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