Training Gus

I’ve really been enjoying training Gus.  But then he’s a very smart and responsive puppy, so he makes it easy.

As soon as I stopped taking this video, a car came up the road.

The few cars on McMillan Road, where we walk,  go slow and it’s easy to hear them coming before we see them.

I called Gus to me and had him sit on the side of the road.  Jon called Red and Fate to him and had them do the same.  I put a leash on Gus just to be safe.

Once the car passed I unhooked the leash but still had Gus and Red and Fate stay till I released them.

Red and Fate are good at this and Gus is learning quickly.

3 thoughts on “Training Gus

  1. What a great video Maria! I love how Gus focuses on you, the bond you 2 have and how he runs to you all happy. It’s a beautiful sight.

    Oh and the scenery where you are is gorgeous including the dirt road. I haven’t seen a dirt road in a long time. Very nice.

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