Happy 70th Birthday Jon

I pulled on one of Jon’s old t-shirts and rolled up my pajama pants legs so they wouldn’t get wet.  I got the scissor from the kitchen drawer, tucked a flashlight under my arm and Fate followed me outside.

It was 1:30am, still a couple of hours before the moon would dip behind the hill.    My plan was to gather the flowers by the light of the full moon.  But I didn’t count on the clouds and rain.  Usually at this time in the morning, when the moon is anywhere near full, it lights up the yard and gardens.

My feet and ankles wet from the grass, I stepped lightly  trying to avoid the low thistle that grows by the Hydrangea.  Then I worked my way around  to the front of the house, cutting flowers from our gardens.

I thought it would be magical to gather flowers by moon light and present them to Jon in the morning for his birthday.  And even though the full moon didn’t light my way, I still knew she was there, behind the clouds spreading her glow.

Jon is a hard person to buy gifts for.  Whenever he wants something, he just buys it for himself.  But this year instead of thinking of a thing to buy him, I thought of what he loves to do and doesn’t always get to.

Jon loves the theater so  I found the play, Legend of Georgie McBride, that looks like fun, playing in Dorset Vermont.

But the play is the day after Jon’s birthday so I thought of how every year Jon says he wants to go to the Race Track in Saratoga and we rarely ever make it there.  When I suggested we go to the Track on his birthday, Jon’s face lit up.

But it turns out that track isn’t open on Tuesdays so now were going to both the play and  going to the Track tomorrow.

That still left Jon’s actual birthday without anything special going on.  And as much as Jon insisted he didn’t want the day to  be any different from any other work day, I wanted to mark it somehow.

That’s when I thought of the flowers.

Jon turns 70 today and I’m trying to figure out what that means. In some ways it’s just a number, but in others it a mark of time past and time to come.  More on one end than the other.

I’ve only known Jon a small portion of his life, but If I had to choose, from the stories he’s told me, this is the part of his life I’d want to know him.

So lucky me.  I get to spend a good part of my life with the man I love.   And because Jon’s a thinker, the older he gets the more he knows himself and what’s important in his life.  And he continually acts on it.   He has not slowed down since I met him, but he is more focused and thoughtful.

Jon turning 70 is a reason to celebrate his life right now.   And knowing that there’s more life behind him than ahead, inspires us to do the things we want to do together.  Every age has its complexities.

The thing is, I really like the man who Jon is at 70.

Jon and I slept a little later this morning than usual and I brought the flowers up to the bedroom before we got up.  We’re having a regular work day, but it’s a little sweeter then usual just knowing what a special day it really is.



2 thoughts on “Happy 70th Birthday Jon

  1. Even though the rain and clouds hid the moon, the magic of you gathering Jon’s birthday flowers in the moonlight is still in your words and deed.

    Have a wonderful celebration. I just now, wherever you and Jon are, it will be joyful and filled with love.

  2. Jon is a fortunate man to have a woman in his life that would tip toe through wet grass and hidden moonlight to clip flowers for him to make his birthday extra special.

    I hope you both have a great time at the Race Track and enjoy the Play.

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